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Whereas trannies have an inclination to be a different gender, furries have an inclination to be a different species, sometimes a composite fantasy anthropomorphic image. Furries are people/creatures whose self-image is animal, or animal/human composite. They don't do any harm, and good luck to them!

Page of resources at www.zyra.info


PeterCat's Furry Info Page

VCL, the largest furry/anthropomorphic artwork and story library on the Internet.


FurNation furry humour archive - was http://www.furnation.com/humor/

www.furry.ca - Canadian Furry Forum

www.furry.org.au - Australasia's premier furry resource

Furry Weekend Atlanta

www.claws-and-paws.com/furry/non-fiction/faq.html - fantasy can be non-fiction

Los Angeles Alternative Press / furries - was http://www.laalternativepress.com/v02n01/features/williamson.php - seems to have sadly fallen victim to cybersquatters


www.furry.com - furryMUCK (role playing game)

Furcadia - free multiplayer fantasy role playing game


http://tftb.com/furries.htm - on the Internet, yes they are real

Anthrofurry Infocenter and Furry Fandom.info


Udreamy Costume - an online store that sells, among other things, Furry Animal outfits

Stalking Cat - Tiger / Cat


More furry contacts to be added to this page. I think it's going to do quite well. In fact it could become a howling success!

Even if you think furries are very ODD, it's important to be tolerant of them for pro-diversity reasons. Although they might look funny, that's ok in a diverse world. If you see a furry, give them a pat/stroke on the back, as they're at least being true to their own spirit. This is to be encouraged.

In contrast, you might see there are some people campaigning against furries. This sounds a bit narrow-minded, but it's based on misunderstanding. It's reminiscent of the people who campaigned against gay people (usually for fundamentalist religious reasons) or the Ku Klux Klan campaigning against black people. All that kind of thing is looking somewhat oldfashioned now.

Meanwhile, furries are becoming increasingly accepted. They've done especially well since the showing of anthropomorphic films such as Disney's Robin Hood and some of the Anime genre movies. To acquire such titles, go to Amazon or other Video Suppliers and type in the right keywords into their search boxes.

I'm not sure if this is yiffy enough, but an incoming message said "Bunnies on the loose: PLAYBOY Bunny outfit exclusively at Ann Summers". Apparently the Bunny outfits have been seen for years, but have only recently been made available for sale.

Good Luck to furries! but down with cybersquatters. If you find any bad links please let us know. Last checked 2010/01/30.