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Selecting Lottery Numbers by...

The Clocks

Take seven or eight wind-up clocks and leave them out of the way on the mantelpiece in the spare bedroom on Sunday, ie about a week before the next lottery draw. After a few days the clocks have all stopped. Make a note of the position of the minute hand on each one. These are your lottery numbers. If one or two clocks have stopped at 50 minutes or more, substitute with the numbers from the spare clocks. (That's why there's seven or eight rather than just six!).

Star quality: Cunning alternative use of clocks for the purpose of doing something other than telling the time.

Ideal for hoarders, who might easily have plenty of old clocks.


Variations: Use battery powered electric clocks and enter the lottery next year. (not recommended). However there is a speedier method using battery powered clocks, which is to have a clock with a second hand, in the background while you're working, and then every now and then at a random instant, you look at the clock and make a note of the exact SECOND. Generating random numbers by looking at second hands on clocks at random instants, works!


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