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a veritable grumble about
AVG AntiVirus!

Now don't get me wrong, I am mostly happy with AVG AntiVirus. It's just that its behaviour could hardly be described as "unobtrusive" on some of the computers here! AVG Critical Update!Now let's get this in context: The computers here at Zyra Internet are being upgraded to Linux, and for those that haven't completed this, they still have legacy stuff with various old versions of Microsoft Windows, for example, Windows 95.

Now what happens on such a machine is that every time it starts up, a message comes up which says "Critical AVG Security Warning... You are not protected! AVG Free 7.5 updates have stopped. You are no longer protected against new viruses and other web threats... Install new AVG Free 8.5 today. Upgrading is free and easy". Except of course, it isn't easy!

Any attempt to "upgrade" the machine to AVG 8.5 comes up with another message which says "You cannot upgrade to AVG 8.5 due to the following reasons: AVG Upgrader cannot be used with server operating systems. AVG Upgrader is supported only in Windows 2000/XP/Vista". Well never mind Windows 2000/XP/Vista! You can't put those things on a Pentium 133 anyway, and even if you could, it would be desperately slow. The thing is, the old Pentium 133 has managed perfectly OK with Linux on one partition and Windows95 on another, and with DOS 6.22 / Windows 3.11 on another. There should be no need to "upgrade" it to what is in many ways an inferior system (in the sense that later versions of Microsoft Windows can be considered even more dumbed-down and bloaty than the earlier versions).You cannot upgrade to AVG 8.5...

A very similar situation exists on a Windows98 machine, with futile "You must upgrade" messages coming up. In contrast the main server, which is a reasonably respectable so-many gigahertz machine, has no need to run AVG AntiVirus as it is a Linux machine anyway!

Meanwhile, on the Windows 95 machine, not only does the message come up offering to upgrade to AVG 8.5 each and every time the machine starts up, and always for no possible gain as it can not possibly be "upgraded" to a later version of old Microsoft Windows, but it comes up with the same warning a second time, after a few seconds.

So, although I would describe AVG as "generous", in the sense that they are helpfully giving away a free trial version of their AntiVirus system, I would not describe AVG AntiVirus as "unobtrusive" as the annoying message comes up every time the computer starts up! ... Twice!

Nevertheless, I thank AVG for providing a free antivirus system AVG AntiViruson the old machines, during the time it still worked. I am grateful to the company, and that's why, even though this is a page pointing out a grumble, I'm still giving them a recommendation at a dedicated page about AVG AntiVirus where folks can sign up to get the software!