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Idyllic Holiday Beach Scene

Picture provided by Thomas Cook

Idyllic Holiday Beach Scene

This is a quiet beach scene in an idyllic looking holiday location. When you see thatched beach huts like this, it's a sign that the climate is tropical. Also, notice how the sun is very high overhead, casting shadows that give shade almost exactly the shape of the floor of the beach huts. The sea is blue as imagined in idyllic holiday places, and the sky is blue with just a few wisps of cirrus cloud. If you're wondering exactly where this is, because you'd like to go on holiday there, you could visit Thomas Cook the famous travel company, because that's where the picture came from.

So, go on, visit somewhere hot for a change. Visit Thomas Cook. Have fun! Don't get too sunburnt!

Photo copyright © Thomas Cook. Used with permission at this affiliate website.