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follow up on Vodafone E-Topup Register email

If that really had been the link on the actual Vodafone E-Topup hoax message, you'd now be looking at a phishing site. Such things are not only misleading, but also some can have viruses and spyware which can invade your computer. Therefore, where I've stuffed and mounted the Vodafone E-Topup hoax message, I have carefully replaced the link to the hoaxers site with a harmless link to this page. I've also slightly obfuscated the quoting of the link so it's not so easy to cut and paste. I don't want you to catch a virus! To help you to avoid these problems, see how to avoid catching a virus

Other warnings and follow-ups can be found at the Don't Do It page following Terrakt in Australia. Also see PanicMail