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BT Multiphones; updated

Zyra's site at BT Internet

British Telecom

Sadly the Internet access on BT Multiphones is no longer free, as of 2001/06/14.

Observe here (right) a BT Multiphone in Kings Cross Station London displaying the front page of my website at www.zyra.org.uk (Issue29).

This photo was taken on 2001/06/15. This didn't cost me anything however, as a small malfunction in the machine caused it to temporarily reset in FREE MODE allowing me to load up my website front page and take a snap of it! Another side-effect of the fault was that the machine went through its start-up sequence, during which I learnt that a Multiphone is a PC with 32Mb of ram and runs the QNX operating system. (See operating systems)

Note the KEYBOARD! Some way to go before it's like I saw in a vision of the future, but it's a good start! In the future vision, public access terminals had huge flat screens, and keyboards with giant keys (at least 2 inches across). Futuristic hair may also catch on in a while.

To go to BT's Multiphone site: www.bt.com/multiphone - gone - see BT Shop instead?