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Selecting Lottery Numbers by...

Car Numbers

Car numbers can be used as random numbers for entry to The Lottery. We're talking about old British car number plates with numbers in the range 1-999. As they are in the range 1-999 rather than 1-49 they have to be scaled to make Lottery Numbers, however. This is easy. Just multiply each of the numbers by 0.049049, add 1 and take the number before the decimal point. This takes them from being in the range 1-999 into the range 1-49.

Note: Your chance of winning is very slightly lower if you choose numbers from expensive cars that you'd choose to buy if you won, so for preference choose numbers from the shabbiest looking cars you can find!

The reason for this is not because of any magical effect, but simply because shabby cars are less likely to have cherished registration plates with numbers biased to the low end of the scale!

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