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Selecting Lottery Numbers by...

Tea Leaves

This method of divination by tea leaves works best when done in an upstairs room overlooking a private patio or concreted area. Unusually for a tealeaf fortune-telling method, this uses Tea Bags! The procedure is as follows: Make the tea in the usual way, and enjoy it with no worry or concern about lotteries, jackpots, and the like. Then, after taking time off in the traditional tea-drinking style, toss the teabags out of the open window, whereupon they fall onto the ground below, onto which you have previously chalked a 7x7 grid of squares on the concrete or paving.

Drawbacks: Unless it is well managed, there is a risk that someone below may to their surprise find they have a soggy tea bag landing on their head. Suitable warnings added to the chalk inscription on the ground may help, although such warnings as "Beware of low flying teabags" may not be heeded by some.

Advantages: Even if you don't win the Lottery, at least by this method you get a chance to have some time off!

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