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Selecting Lottery Numbers by...

Bingo in Reverse

Lottery form ready and eyes down. Standing near a lottery terminal, you watch what numbers other people are choosing. You cross those numbers off your lottery form until you have only six blank spaces. Then you enter the unchosen numbers on your entry form!

Star quality: The idea appeals to the believer in the "Law of Averages" and to the idea that those last six numbers must be special if no-one else has chosen them.

Drawbacks: People may look at you very suspiciously as if you were trying to steal their numbers (not that it would do you any good if you were). Often best to come clean and admit exactly what you are up to and give everyone in the queue some entertainment while they are waiting.

Variations: Rather than risk offending people, get the numbers to cross off by looking at the discarded entry forms that lie around most Lottery terminal premises.

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