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Autoglass FREE car windscreen repair?

Now the thing is, if you have a chipped windscreen on your car, Autoglass might be able to mend it, FREE. The best time to have this done is right away, via this link to Autoglass, because if you leave it, then it could easily crack, and if you smash the screen then it will cost you money. Car Insurance companies are funny about this, because a tiny imperfection in your car front screen generally counts as something that can be repaired, whereas if the glass is shattered into little bits (which can sometimes happen), then it counts as smashed, and then it's a matter of all that fuss about a no-claims discount etc!

The types of things that can chip a car windscreen are many: road chippings, flying wildlife, fragments of glass that have come off someone else's smashed windscreen, etc. Then when you've got a chip in the glass it is a bit annoying for a while, as people tend to comment on it, and it is sometimes in your field of vision. There's also the awful expectation that it might spread and become a crack, and you can guess what might happen next... smash! The whole glass turns to crazed little bits and you have to whack it to see through it, and drive around in sunglasses for a while even if it's night, so the wind doesn't play up your eyes.

In contrast to such crazed scenarios, there's the forethought approach, of getting Autoglass to MEND the tiny chip/crack before it becomes worse. What happens then is, usually, you can get your Car Insurance to foot the bill, without affecting your no-claims discount. Of course such things are subject to the smallprint in your car insurance contract, but you can check up on that, can't you?

Please bear in mind that although Autoglass are pretty good, they're not a charity, and they don't mend your windscreen for nothing out of the goodness of their hearts. They have to be paid, but the thing is, it's not YOU that pays Autoglass, if it's a "mend a chip" type of job, it's the insurance.

So, when you see those ads for "Autoglass Repair, Autoglass Replace!" and that catchy little ditty that goes around and around, it's no idle boast. There is some truth in those tableaux of relieved-looking customers not having to part with any cash when the Autoglass repairer has performed a glass operation that seems like magic on the windscreen.

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Can you spare a thought for the insurance companies who are having to fork out actual money for yet another mending of a windscreen? Feel sorry for them or no? The thing is, insurance companies are in the risk business and they are as 'twere placing a bet with the bookies that you are not wise enough nor forward-planning enough to get your car windscreen mended in time. Their money is well and truly on you not bothering, and putting it off yet another day, and not getting Autoglass to fix your screen, until finally, when it's too late... smash!

There's usually an excess on it, if you smash your screen, whether it be accidentally or deliberately.

If any of this has tempted you into putting in a request to Autoglass to get a windscreen repair, guess what, I've got a page about that... see Autoglass

Oh, and another thing: MOT testing stations don't like to put a PASS certificate on a car that's got a little chipped bit in the screen. They can be a bit finicky, that way, you know.