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(Not to be confused with *411#)

"411web is a series of vertical portals providing information on everything from Autos to Pets from Insurance to Boating. We provide specific category links so you can give viewers a source of information relevant to your specific web site" 

site address http://www.411web.com

It was a long time ago that we advertised the place, and we were quite happy to continue to advertise 411web. Even though 411web is USA-specific, Zyra's website is international and provides equally good coverage in the USA, Africa, Asia, anywhere in the world in fact. Unfortunately the decisions surrounding the affiliate program made the assumption that if someone lives in a one place, they are only advertising in their own locality. This parochial assumption should have disappeared when the Internet started. See the regional assumption. Anyway, when Zyra moves again, this time to a tax haven, the international coverage of the site will continue.

Some sites have made the RIGHT decision on this regional thing and are doing well advertising in the USA by sites which are all over the world. For example the New York Times does very well here! Wall Street Journal, Go Boston Card, Forbes Magazine all do very well here. And Fred Hager is quite happy about it all too! Financial Times, Boat US, ... list continues.

It's important to remember that regardless of where I live, no part of the world is "outside demographics"!