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If you receive a message which has been addressed TO a lot of people, you might want to reply but use BCC to avoid repeating the mention of everyone's e-mail address. Although you can do a BCC and include people individually, there is seldom an easy way of doing BCC ALL ready made on the system. However it can be done as follows:

Use REPLY, but then BCC the message to YOURSELF.

Then, before the message is actually sent, you use cut and paste to move all of the recipients into the BCC field!

Why would you want to do it? Surely all of the people now know each other's e-mail addresses? Yes, it's true, but they may not have noticed. Also, by using BCC, at least you haven't compounded the problem by repeating the bulk mentioning of the email addresses.

Cut & Paste can be done using ctrl-C and ctrl-V on most keyboards on various operating systems. Also see shortcut keys

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