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Make Sure Your Slingbox is new!

If it's not "a virgin", there's no technical support!

Make sure your Slingbox is new. I don't mean "new" as in the latest model, and I don't mean "new" as in nice and shiny with a new cardboard box without dust encrusting it. The Slingbox can even be secondhand, but it must be new in the sense of it being "a virgin"! I'm not kidding you. It makes a big difference, and this becomes apparent when you get to grips with the way Sling Media technical support has a rule which is in effect...

"You get three months free technical support from when your Slingbox is first plugged into the Internet".

So, it's no good buying a Slingbox on eBay and hoping to cadge some technical support out of SlingMedia. They will know your Slingbox is not new! How do they know? Because the first time the Slingbox is plugged in, it registers that fact.

You even have to be cautious buying a Slingbox from some shops that sell things "new". Be especially wary of bulk-shifting multiple outlet shops that advertise on TV, because some of them can sell you a Slingbox which has already been sold to another customer and then they've returned it! That's no good, and you've lost your ticket to free technical support with Sling Media.

If you buy a Slingbox, you need technical support because the interface is so awkward that it's hard to suss out, and you are compelled to sign a contract to say you won't reverse-engineer it, so you are then in a position where you are in-effect stuffed.

Therefore, do one of the following:

Either ...

Buy anyold Slingbox, don't sign the contract, and hack it. Linux is the way!


Buy a Slingbox which you can swear is new, untouched by being plugged into the Internet, and has never been used, not even for demonstration purposes. It would be nice if it had a tamper-evident seal on it so you could be absolutely certain. One way you can be absolutely sure your new Slingbox is New is to buy it online from Sling Media!

Having got your Slingbox, now the fun begins. Watching your TV the other side of the world.