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a Review of Haven Holidays by a customer

As a new parent, despite what some people tell you it is a costly affair!

However, we would all like to do the best for our children and that includes nice holidays. These do not need to be exotic, as a very young child does not really appreciate where it goes.

Even if the weather is poor some of the time, if a young child gets the odd day on the beach, some ice-cream and good old Fish and Chips, they are generally happy. This is what is possible on a tight budget with a Haven Holiday.

We have a young child and have had two holidays in Norfolk with our child. Out of the two we have tried, we found the Caister Park, to be the best location. There is quite a nice beach and a very good Chinese Takeaway for the nights we did not want to cook.

We take some food with us, but the essentials such as milk can be bought on site. We also share cooking, preparation and washing-up. This is not a chore as the Homes are very well equipped.

We don't have to meet meal deadlines, which can be a problem with a small child, as we set our own agenda.

Our child is also safe as he can toddle around the whole home, without the worry of stairs, etc.

Haven have got it right and we will be using them again next year. We will probably try Wales - But we can't wait to try the parcs abroad when our child is older.

Congratulations Haven for getting things right!!

Hoodie - Sleaford

Link: www.zyra.org.uk/haven.htm