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Computer Mice

A type of pointing device plugged into a computer shares its name with a small rodent. Presumably the reason for this was the shape of the device in profile and the way its cable extended out of it like the tail of a mouse. This has been the source of many amusing characterisations including Mouse Price and esure where the figurative terminology becomes literal.

Inside a computer mouse there is generally either a ball and two rotation position sensors, or (in a laser mouse) a light and surface sensor.

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Even if we don't like Microsoft software, it's worth knowing that Microsoft Store sell some quite good mice!

Free mouse given away when you buy stuff from Zyra's Bazaar

Mice are surely a fiendish invention as their operation relies on hand-eye interaction going on in the human. This is awkward for various reasons, in addition to the problem that mouse movements aren't properly computer-encodable!

Plus, if you've come here looking for mice as in small critters, see MICE