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Picture of a Domino's Pizza

It's a Picture of a Domino's Pizza box which says you can order a Domino's Pizza online

Yes it's true, you can order a Domino's Pizza online. If you'd like a pizza, that seems like a good idea.

Picture of a Domino's Pizza

The photo is not by Domino's Pizza, however. The photo was taken by the affiliate to embellish the page which promotes Domino's Pizza at this site. If you'd like to use the picture, you should credit me with a link to <a href="http://www.zyra.org.uk">Zyra's website</a>. It's good when we the people who have our own websites link to other websites when we can. It all helps.

The box was given to me by a friend. If you're wondering why they didn't give me a pizza, let me assure you that as I am a coeliac, I'd not be able to eat the pizza as it's made of wheat. However the box is much more useful to me as I have digitised it and used it to help to promote Domino's Pizza on their affiliate program.

Affiliate programs are a good idea as they help us affiliates to make money by having stuff on websites giving subtle hints to people to buy stuff online and then we get paid a reasonable commission which comes out of the merchant's advertising budget and not out of what the customer pays. It also means that advertising can be select and not splat advertising