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The Camera "talks"

They say that money talks, and they say "the camera never lies", but here's a different take on this kind of idea. The camera "talks". I've noticed this curious phenomenon since I acquired a Canon EOS350D snazzy digital camera.Canon EOS 350D As soon as the camera is deployed ready to shoot, people make their minds up, as if they've just spotted a big cat out of the corner of their eye. It's as if everyone expects a modern digital camera to be a quite small, almost insignificant device, so when they see a big chunky high-tech camera in use, it's as if it says "I'm a photographer!" on behalf of the person taking the picture.

When on holiday, people have been under the impression that I was the official photographer for the travel company, rather than being a tourist or an adventurer. The EOS350D is a non-covert device, making it clear to everyone that it's about to take a serious picture.

When the shutter is released and the picture taken, there is a sound which is realistically like a classic camera taking a picture. This is not a WAV file being played to show off; it's the actual sound the camera makes! A digital SLR camera really makes that sound.

The old expression "the camera never lies" was coined at a time when photographs were regarded as tamper-proof, but photographic conjuring has always been possible to some extent, even before the era of digital photography. see digital versus film

The truth spoken by such cameras as the EOS350D is more of the spirit of the way it's said that money talks, as there is an instant inference conveyed as soon as people see the camera. Update 2007: You can now get an even better camera for less money. See EOS400D to see the spec.

A similar effect can be seen with motion picture cameras. If you use a small handheld digital movie camera in the street, people will just assume you are a tourist taking holiday shots. But if you get a big on-the-shoulder camera as traditionally used by an on-location news crew, you are creating your own action, and people will start to act-up as if there's a movie being filmed!