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Playing with Office Equipment at Night in Winter

Take a lottery entry form and have it enlarged and turned into a transparency. This requires a very expensive photocopier of the sort in some offices and a few photocopy shops. Now, put the large transparency onto an overhead projector. This now projects an image of the form onto a screen or a wall. With a long extension cable it can be taken outside at night and can be used to project a huge image onto the wall of a building. Your office wall, house wall, your neighbour's house wall etc. Now, it being the middle of winter, you now start to throw snowballs at the image. These will arrive on target randomly, hitting numbers all over the place. All the family can join in! Six of the impacts will be nearest to actual numbers and these are your selection this week.

Drawbacks: The requirement of using expensive equipment. Also the limitation of the method only being usable at night and in winter and in conditions where snow is available and the right type of snow to use for making snowballs. So sum it up, a very cold method with a very high capital outlay.

Star quality: The sheer nuttiness of the idea. The zany quality of going out in the middle of night in the middle of winter to fling snowballs at a giant image of a
lottery form projected on a wall.

Variations: A slide projector can be used.

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