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Picture of a NEXT Store

This is a photo of a next store somewhere in the UK. You may know where this is, or you may wonder and try to guess. The thing is, next has become part of just about every British town's urban landscape that it could be just about anywhere.

Another interesting thing is, although the shop is by next, the picture is by an affiliate who happened to be going past. It's an example of the drive-by photographic technique.

Architecturally, it's a huge shop window with the name over it. Notice the scale by the relative proportions of the shop to some folk who just happened to be walking past at the time.

The bollards may seem to give an impression of being somewhat over-defensive, but I don't think they were installed to stop large vehicles from crashing into the front of the shop window. I think they are simply to stop unauthorised parking in the space in front of the window, which would spoil the view of the shop.

One Way Street signAlthough it's on a one-way street, hence the sign, other street-furniture indicates there is a pedestrian crossing (with lamp and "stop the traffic" pushbutton) right in front of the building, providing some accessibility.

The photo image was taken on 2010/03/11. Of course the window display will go on changing, as time goes on. This is a snapshot, not a live webcam!

I'm showing you this on a website, and the picture was taken serendipitously as the moment occurred for only a matter of seconds, there isn't much more to be said about the bricks-and-mortar or glass-and-concrete. However, I can show you the route to shopping ONLINE at next :

a NEXT store

If you would like a shopping catalogue, you can visit...

next Directory

...and they'll send you a glossy catalogue to browse through. Or, you can go shopping online at next right now at...

next online

...or for gifts, it's worth considering the following:

next Flowers and Wine

These pages are as far as I know, LIVE, so if you'd like to visit next , you can do so now, online. The online shopping arrangement seems to work quite well, and I am glad that our friends at Affili.net succeeded in explaining to next about the importance of continuity of real-content affiliate marketing. Well Done!a NEXT store updated

Now, you may remember the trading name was NEXT, ie the word "Next" but in all-capitals. The thing is, it then became next, ie lower-case. Affiliates such as myself were expected to change the banners quite quickly, but next stores were left with their store-fronts with the name all capitalised. Some of them changed, though, which I would guess was quite expensive. However, the lettering on this store in the picture is huge, so it would cost a large amount to change it. To be fair to next, they actually DID change it! See the Updated Picture