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How the ebuyer company works

Ebuyer WarehouseThe thing about ebuyer is that they're an online company that sells computers and other fancy stuff, but there's no fancy shop or showroom. So, how does all this work, you may wonder? Well what happens at the ebuyer premises which is in Howden, East Yorkshire, DN14 7UW, is that they have a warehouse and a well-organised system and many folk working on the logistics. When your online order comes in, they can get it all together and put it in the post with your address on the label.

Or, as they say at the Howden Automated Warehouse Facility, "In February 2006 Ebuyer closed its Sheffield, Eastrington, and Holbrook outlets to move to 280,000-square-foot (26,000 m2) custom-built premises in Howden. The new premises features a warehouse with over 4 miles of conveyor belt and an automated order system that takes an average 15 minutes to select and pack one order. Ebuyer spent £17m developing the warehouse. Its security is apparently based on a Las Vegas casino with 97 cameras. It opened its US facility in February 2003, but this arm of the business closed in 2006".

Did you know that Ebuyer.com is one of the largest Internet resellers of brand name computer technologyEbuyer and consumer electronics products? Ebuyer is definitely the place for computer technology products like desktops, notebooks, printers, networking, digital cameras, software, storage and more. Plus, we offer other hot products such as LCD TVs, MP3 players, gaming and home electronics.

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