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An alternative use for those circulars which you don't want. The ones from companies you've already told several times not to send any more bumf. After a time you can tell what they are before opening them! But now you can put them to good use.

First collect forty-nine of them, unopened. Number them discreetly. Now, go out and carefully abandon them in public places; in telephone kiosks, on park benches, in dentists' waiting rooms, supermarkets, etc.

After a few days some of your "lost property" starts to come back to you. It was addressed to you, wasn't it?! The amount that comes back depends on the good nature and honesty of society in general.

The numbers on the first six items of recirculated mail are your selections for this week.

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One circular which this can't be used this way is Zyra's Circular Newsletter