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The sort of customers which
would ideally like to have!

If you're thinking about having some hosting and you're looking for a hosting company that would be ideal, you might like to consider Vivostar, but also please consider what type of customers Vivostar would ideally like to have, and see if you happen to match that. If you do, then you'll be made even more welcome at Vivostar than otherwise!

Ideally, customers of Vivostar should want hosting of a decent quality and at a sensible price (these things aren't free), but should not want the website hosting company to do the website design as well. It's best if you can build your own website offline and then FTP it (upload it) to the server. This idea of the definitive website offline makes good sense anyway.

It's perfectly OK if you want to have a large website with hundreds of pages, and there's nothing wrong with that. Vivostar can host websites with thousands of pages. I know this, because my website has thousands of pages.

However, customers who want to run some fancy shopping cart software or online site-building tools or expect Microsoft server-side silly things can forget about it at Vivostar, and there are plenty of other hosting companies who cater for such messing-about.

Incidentally, you don't need to understand HTML, and if you like moving things about in an on-screen GUI interface you are welcome to use something cheap-and-cheerful like Microsoft FrontPage Express or other website writing software to create web pages offline, then upload them.

It's generally recommended that the definitive version of your website be OFFLINE on your own computer and then you upload a copy. See basic website plan for more about this.

Another thing is: How much technical support do you need? If you just need a bit of help to get started, Vivostar Hosting may be the place to go. However, it's not the place if you need extensive ongoing tuition. Then again, the basic process of uploading webstuff to your hosting is relatively simple. The clever stuff is how you design your website, and that is up to you!