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FTP is FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL which is a fancy term which means moving computer files from one place to another. Usually it's where you transfer files from your computer to your Hosting Company (which is sometimes also your ISP). This is UPLOADING. The other thing you can do with FTP is DOWNLOADING, where not surprisingly you transfer files from the hosts to your computer. UPloading and DOWNloading don't infer any verticalist discrimination; it's terminology most likely from satellite technology.

FTP programs are many and varied, and the ones pushed by hosts aren't always necessarily the best. Then again they might be good. It's best to shop around. Be especially careful of software which claims to be free but is in fact EXPIREWARE. That is, after 30 days it leaves you stranded and you have to pay up. Expireware is, however, to its credit, almost always entirely honest about this and you are warned in advance. It's up to you to check this! My advice is to get some FREE FTP SOFTWARE. There is plenty of this about, for Linux, Windows, the Mac, etc.

Here are a few FTP programs and links to the sites where you can (hopefully) download them:

http://filezilla-project.org/ - Mozilla FTP!

Ipswitch UK
Ipswitch USA
Ipswitch Germany
Ipswitch France

FTP Explorer:
www.ftpx.com - was Shareware, but we're not sure anymore. You could get it on the old FreeNetName disc.

Smart FTP:
www.smartftp.com - Thought to be free, but we're not sure.


FTP Desktop:
www.ftpdesktop.net - Free trial, but then you're expected to pay for it.

And lots of others! But at least there's now a page about them! And if you'd care to recommend some more, you can e-mail

There's also the command FTP typed in on computer operating systems which have a real command line interpreter. This is generally included as part of the operating system! Obviously Linux has this, but also it's a little known fact that MSDOS has it. Type FTP on a command line and there it is. It's worth checking various other operating systems to see what they have. Having a free easy-to-use FTP isn't exactly expecting a lot, so they should have it really.

Also, there's such a thing as an FTP Site. That's where the uploading and downloading are the main thing about it, rather than it being a WEBSITE.