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Dominican Republic Flag

Dominican Republic

Half a Tropical Island in the Caribbean

The Dominican Republic is a great place to visit, and some people have successfully emigrated there and become expats. It's a Tax Haven, and when I first started exploring tax havens to decide where to emigrate as a tax exile, the Dominican Republic was the place I went first. That's not because it's the best tax haven, but because it's one of the easiest countries to visit and have a good holiday, and it's a tax haven as well. The cost of a two week all-inclusive holiday at the Dominican Republic is so cheap that for some people it's cheaper than staying at home.Dominican Republic

Tourism is the main industry in the Dominican Republic. If the Dominican Republic had an advanced Space Program they'd be setting up all-inclusive tourist resorts on the Moon. That would be fun!

The Dominican Republic itself is part of the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. It's one of the Greater Antilles, like Cuba only not a communist dictatorship. The island of Hispaniola is a semi-detached place, with the Dominican Republic being the larger half. The other part is Haiti. The difference is that Haiti is like an African republic, whereas the Dominican Republic is a Spanish-style Latin American country. The differences are clear to see. The Dominican Republic has some prosperity, tourists, and trees.

The language in the Dominican Republic is Spanish, but tourists who don't speak any can get-by in all-inclusive resorts and will tend to learn some Spanish from the helpful staff. It's a good place to visit if you're new to international travel, as you are looked after to some extent.

Folk in the Dominican Republic are very sociable, and it's quite usual for them to get right up close to you and be intimate with strangers as if they are with close friends at a party where folk have had enough time and enough alcohol to become familiar with each-other. This is the nature of the folk, that they are gregarious. They don't have such wide territorial zones around them like folk in the UK and the USA. If you migrate to the Dominican Republic you'll have to become accustomed to the gregariousness of the folk.

The driving is on the right of the road or anywhere else, and about 5% of the cars don't have license plates, which is reassuring as it means the road traffic laws are not as onerously enforced as in some places. Electricity sockets are American-style and the electricity voltage is 110 volts plus or minus quite a lot. The currency in the Dominican Republic is Dominican Pesos, which have an inflation rate such that when there's a group of you paying for coffee in a restaurant, the high-denomination notes piled up make you look like highroller gamblers. The time zone is 4 hours behind GMT and no silly daylight saving time.

When I went to the Dominican Republic, I booked with STA Travel , went via Olympic Holidays , and was insured by Insure & Go. I stayed at the Fun Royale Tropicale all-inclusive resort in the Playa Dorada estate near Puerto Plata. There's an Insure and Go Customer Testimonial on here.

Here are a few contacts we have that can help if you would like to book a visit to the Dominican Republic:

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On this page, the matter of Percent Proof is mentioned because of Brugal 151 which is 151 proof and 75.5% vol alcohol. Brugal 151 is made in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. I quite like it, and it's good to have a dose of industrial alcohol with fresh orange juice. It's up to you to be sensible, though. This is one of the things about it being a Free Country, the fact that you have to take responsibility for your own actions!

If you book a vacation at an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic, you have a free choice whether you stay the whole duration of your visit in the all-inclusive protected environment, or whether you will venture outside and explore the exotic and chaotic land that is The Dominican Republic.

Of course I recommend exploring and being adventurous, but this has to be balanced with being careful.

The Lonely Planet Guide says avoid taking a ride on the back of a moped-taxi (no helmet provided). I'd agree it looks risky, but I consider it is safer to take the risk than it is to end up stranded at night outside the resort! Night falls very quickly in the tropics, and some people go driving around with no lights.

The Dominican Republic tends to have a "third world country" type thing to it, but let's not knock that. If you move there, you can build your own security. You have the freedom, and that's more than you have in many countries that think they are "developed".

I recommend having a visit there. Test your adventuring abilities. I've included some helpful links on this page. Have fun!