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Customer Testimonial of Insure and Go Travel Insurance

Zyra writes from personal experience of travel insurance and illness while on holiday:

When I ventured to travel to the Dominican Republic I decided it would be a good idea to have some travel insurance just in case I became ill. With travel health insurance it's got to be thought about in advance, because if you get ill while travelling it can be expensive! I looked at various travel insurance places, and for me the best deal seemed to be that offered by Insure and Go. (Shopping around for travel insurance is different for different people, so you might find the quotes are different for you if you have different pre-existing conditions to mine).

As I am a diabetic and a coeliac it was important to make sure that both of these pre-existing conditions would be covered. It's especially important if you have diabetes to make sure your insurance covers you for it, because even if you break a leg, some doctors might say "the patient was ill because of the diabetes", as any diabetic who gets ill with anything is always assumed initially to have come a cropper because of the diabetes!

As I'm a paranoid as well I made sure that business equipment was also covered and there was no "excess", and I also made sure that Insure & Go were aware of my previous illnesses.

I paid for the insurance on my credit card and set off on my travels. Of course I had to take some risks myself. Even Insure and Go wouldn't cover me for psychiatric treatment if I'd gone totally loopy while in the Dominican Republic, but I reckoned I was on a good bet there as the resort at the Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise of a place and holidays there are supposed to be restful and without stress, so I took the madness risk myself.

As a coeliac I have to be especially careful what I eat, and I have a fear of being accidentally caught out by "the dreaded wheat" as I call it, because if the food has hidden wheat/flour/gluten in it, I can be made very sick.

I was doing quite well for the first day or two, but then I became ill. It was very nasty, but there was at least some reassurance that I was insured, so it shouldn't be a disaster. I feared at first I'd been wheatified, and I tried to weather it out, but after a day of being unable to eat anything I was so sick I was too weak to walk from my hotel room to the reception desk. It was at that point I decided to call for the doctor.

Like most places where you might go on holiday abroad, if you get ill, doctors have to be paid. By now I was a bit delirious, and I'd turned off the air conditioning and turned the heating up full. But I remembered where I'd hidden the dollars for security purposes, and I gladly agreed to be treated.

The doctor did not need to look at me very closely to see what was wrong and immediately called a private medical company ambulance, and I was hauled off at great expense to the hospital.

The treatment in the private healthcare hospital was excellent and I was diagnosed as having a tropical fever. This can happen to anyone, especially if they've not travelled to a tropical country before. Also, a tropical fever can strike a person regardless of whether they are a diabetic or a coeliac etc. It's just one of those things that can happen. Like catching "a bug that's going around".

Within two days I was cured and my life was saved. The staff made no big thing about it, and I would guess that tropical fevers are as common as the common cold in some places.

The standard of health care was very good, and the only thing I could complain about was that the portions for the meals in the hospital were too small.

After two days I was back at the resort, and back to enjoying my holiday. I work too hard on this website and it's good to get some time off! And I was also looking into Tax Havens at the same time, so it was a combined business and pleasure type of a break.

Meanwhile, the hospital bill came to thousands of dollars, and this had to be paid for. I was hoping Insure and Go would instantly pay up, or at least make a promise to pay (as a tropical fever can not be a pre-existing condition!). However, Insure & Go and their other company AIG / AIGIS have a particular protocol to follow. This seemed a bit bureaucratic, and they had to send faxes across the Atlantic to get my medical records, and it all took a lot of doing. I got quite upset about it, and meanwhile the hospital kept my passport in case they didn't get paid. I can understand it really, but it's a bit scary at the time, as without your passport you are stranded.

In the end and at long last the whole thing was thankfully sorted out. Insure and Go paid the hospital in full, and I got my passport back, so everyone was happy! I continued with the holiday, and I was now in good health, so much so that other guests at the hotel were astonished to hear I'd been ill and had been in hospital for two days.

Although it was worrying waiting and wondering if the paperwork at AIGIS would ever be sorted out, the end result was GOOD and it was a satisfactory solution. Sometimes these things take longer than they should, but as long as the end solution is good, then that's great!

If I hadn't been insured for my travel health costs I would have had to pay the bill myself, but because I had the good sense to get a full gold business travel insurance policy at Insure and Go (which cost me less than sixty pounds sterling), I had my medical bills paid for me. Well Done Insure and Go! They paid out thousands of dollars, yet I only paid a small amount for my insurance policy. But that's the way travel insurance works; It's a balanced risk system. Most people who go on holiday , even to a tropical destination will not get ill. Insurance companies generally make a good profit, in the long-run. As a customer you can't guarantee avoiding becoming ill, but you can at least make sure that if the worst happens you are covered and don't have to pay out the money yourself. In my case it would have cost more for the medical bills than the rest of the entire holiday cost me to stay at an all-inclusive resort for two weeks including the flight.

As for Insure and Go, I don't think they will lose out in the long run as I have written this story online, even though they paid a lot more out than I paid them for the insurance policy. The fact is, I speak as I find, and I was (in the end) treated well by Insure and Go, so now I've written them a nice review which tells the truth as it happened.

SEQUEL: After having been looked after so well by Insure & Go in the Dominican Republic, when the time came to look at travel insurance for my trip to Sri Lanka, dare I ask Insure & Go as I'd already claimed? I asked, and they were quite happy to quote me for it, and here's what happened: Insure and Go Customer Testimonial 2

Special notes:

* Different people have different medical histories, so you should shop around and get the best deal on travel insurance. I shopped around and got a good deal.

* Always tell the truth about your medical history when ordering medical insurance.

* This review is an honest account of my personal experience. If things had gone badly I'd have written about that too! That's a risk I take as an affiliate.

That company name again: Insure and Go