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Customer Testimonial SEQUEL of Insure and Go Travel Insurance

Zyra writes from personal experience of travel insurance and illness AGAIN

Having already been looked after by Insure & Go when I travelled to the Dominican Republic I decided to ask Insure & Go if they'd consider insuring me for my travel to Sri Lanka. At first it seems obvious, when you've got good experience of a company, to shop there again. But thinking about it from the insurance company's point of view, would they insure me? After all, I had claimed before, and so was I a good or a bad risk?

When I applied to Insure & Go I told the whole truth (being honest and up-front is important when applying for insurance, not simply on ground of honour or ethical practice, but also because if you don't tell the truth, your insurance is void). I said straight off that I had previously been a customer of Insure & Go but that I had made a claim and been paid, and I wanted to make sure this was known and understood so it couldn't be said later that I'd neglected to mention it, or something like that.

The friendly people at Insure & Go were not concerned about it at all, and were quite happy to insure me AGAIN. Well Done to them!

On my trip to Sri Lanka I was hoping I wouldn't be ill, not just because of my obvious preference for avoiding illness, but also because I knew that it would be embarrassing having to claim again. So, I hoped for the best.

Unfortunately I was ill. In fact I was very ill, and suffered a variety of symptoms largely because of being bitten by tiny critters of unknown types, and also possibly because I showed unusual allergic reactions to the antimalarial medication which I was conscientiously taking to avoid catching malaria. Some injuries I had started to go nasty and then I started to become delirious. At this point, I called for a doctor, as I didn't want to end up dead and buried in Sri Lanka.

I could say a lot of good and bad things about Sri Lanka, and that's a whole new story to tell, but on the plus side, getting private medical treatment proved to be remarkably inexpensive. The doctor prescribed and dispensed a curious set of different tablets and cream, and advised me to stop taking the antimalarial medication, and charged me £40 GBP which I paid in cash. I made sure I got a receipt.

Upon my return to the UK I had to admit to Insure & Go that I had been ill again and was going to put in another claim. They didn't seem to mind, and I sent off the receipt and medical info and after a while I received a refund by cheque. So, yet again, well done to Insure & Go!

So, I'd travelled twice, been ill twice, and claimed twice. So, what would happen when I was booking my next trip with STA Travel this time to Costa Rica and Belize?

Of course it would be silly to travel without travel insurance, so I needed to sort something out, and I knew that it would be a bit cheeky to ask Insure & Go if they'd insure me a third time. But, amazing as it may seem, they DID!

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