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The THIRD Customer Testimonial of Insure and Go Travel Insurance by Zyra

Zyra writes from personal experience of travel insurance and illness YET AGAIN

Now let's recap the background to this. Having already travelled twice, been ill twice, and claimed twice, surely it would be folly to ask Insure & Go if they'd possibly consider insuring me again, on yet another trip, this time for a month in the tropics?

Of course it would be silly to travel without travel insurance, so I needed to sort something out, and I knew Insure & Go had covered me before, but that it would be a bit cheeky to ask Insure & Go if they'd insure me a third time. But, amazing as it may seem, they DID!

I said "Are you sure? I'll understand if you won't insure me, as it's starting to look as if I'm a bad risk!". But no, Insure & Go asked me the same questions as before, such as whether I'd got heart disease or any lung problems, etc, which thankfully I haven't got. Even taking into account the previous two claims, Insure & Go were happy to insure me, so I agreed, paid up by credit card, and was insured again!

The two weeks in Costa Rica went well, and I was not ill, and then I went for the second two weeks, in Belize. I was a bit ill on the plane, and other folk just thought it was air sickness, but I knew I was having a bit of a diabetic problem. On my arrival in Belize I did my own tests and mended the problem before the ketoacidosis got me in trouble.

The two weeks in Belize went well, and I avoided various perils and survived quite well in the tropical conditions... until the last day or so, when I felt a bit ill and then things started to go a bit funny and I started to feel it was getting cold. The little lizards and crabs and creepy-crawlies seemed oblivious to the alleged "cold" and still behaved as if it was tropical, which of course it was! Meanwhile I turned off the air conditioning and got into my hotel bed, and then I got an extra rug, and after a while some very odd things happened.

I remember waking up deep underwater in a bluish light and then falling out of bed and being so cold I could not speak, and the ceiling fan was still going round and round like a marine propeller, and I crawled to the hotel room door and somehow unlatched it and fell out into the concourse.

I had gone hypoglycaemic and hypothermic while asleep as I'd caught some mysterious fever which had then mucked up the diabetes, as it sometimes does. I was temporarily paralysed and incapacitated, but the helpful people at the hotel revived me and called for a doctor.

The next day I was in much better health and was able to limp around reasonably well. Although I was $250 the poorer, I was still alive, and I had a doctor's letter and a receipt.

On the return trip, via Costa Rica, where I had an overnight stay, I was ill again with a recurrence of the mysterious night time paralysis and hypothermic/hypoglycaemic syndrome, but it was not so bad, and I survived without medical intervention.

Back in the UK, the following night, a third incidence of the trouble, which no-one has yet identified.

When I had recovered I sent in a claim to Insure & Go. Some time went by, and a few questions were asked, which was not surprising if you think about it! However, after a few months, a cheque arrived for an amount which was an approximate Sterling equivalent to the amount I had paid out.

So, yet again, it's Well Done to Insure and Go !

This would surely be the end of the story, with three insurance customer testimonials online giving Insure&Go a positive comment, but the thing is, I needed to go to Belize for three months to see about my emigration. I could have asked folks if they knew a travel insurance company they could recommend, but as I had three recommendations written by myself I thought it would be worth a try asking Insure&Go if they'd insure me for three months in Belize. Here's what happened: Insure & Go testimonials episode 4