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IFA Hotels es una cadena hotelera con 25 hoteles & resorts repartidos en 5 países: República Dominicana, Canarias, Alemania, Austria & Italia. Una oferta completa que abarca playa y montaña, descanso y ocio, bienestar y belleza, ski, golf, deportes náuticos y mucho más. ¡VIAJAR!


IFA Hotels is a very well known hotel chain owning 25 hotels & resorts. Their properties are located in a variety of destinations, from the heat and rhythm of the Caribbean and the eternal springtime of the Canary Islands to the range of different colours of other destinations as Germany, Austria and Italy.

A comprehensive offer including beach and mountain, relaxation and leisure, health and beauty, skiing, golf, water sports and much more.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


IFA Hoteles

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El logotipo de la IFA Hoteles y Resorts es notablemente similar a la de Lopesan España. Me pregunto si hay una conexión?