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Princess Hotels and Resorts


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Have a holiday with a Princess this year! Book your vacation with Princess Hotels and Resorts and you can take a holiday in the Dominican Republic, Mexico or Spain.

Princess Hotels and Resorts:

"Princess Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain specializing in vacation getaway and urban establishments in high class destinations.Princess Hotels and Resorts

Founded in 1967 and ranked 8th in the Spanish market, Princess has 19 hotels and offers 9,300 rooms in total. They have Hotels in: Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), the Mayan Riviera (Mexico), Canary Islands (Spain) and Barcelona.

All the hotels are integrated into the local environment and respect local features, creating at the same time a peaceful and calm atmosphere in combination with dynamic and spectacular settings.

The food served in all the hotels is derived from rich traditions and a continuing culinary evolution.

At Princess they are specialists in vacation tourism and the chain was one of the first to have luxurious swimming pool areas with spa facilities. They also have a wide range of events for all ages to enjoy and make for the perfect vacation spots".

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Princess Hotels and Resorts

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