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Heckington Windmill

Heckington Windmill is a working mill where the power of the wind is captured and flour is ground. The place also does quite a good line in tourism. One of the notable facts about Heckington Mill is that it has eight sails. I have heard it said that Heckington Windmill is the only eight-sailed windmill in the UK and that there are no other windmills in Britain with as many as eight sails.

This photograph is a composite image created by taking a photo of the top half of the mill and another of the bottom half, and then carefully turning them and equalising the contrast/brightness/colour-balance, and then joining them and spraypainting the gaps. It seems a bit odd to spend hours of work which can not be seen, but it was the only way of getting a shot that was right. Of course now I've said that, you'll probably look for the join and be able to see it. But it's not obvious.

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I'd link to the official Heckington Windmill website here, but there is not (YET) any I can find (2001/07), so here's the telephone number: +44 (0) 1529 461919. Mention you saw this on Zyra's website www.zyra.org.uk !

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