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Medical information for kids

Sometimes, it can be hard explaining about illnesses to children, that's where Medikidz can help. They explain medical conditions to children - at their level!


"Medikidz is the world’s first medical information provider dedicated to young people. They explain medical conditions to children in a way they can understand, in their language and at their level.

It was set up by two doctors; Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair and Dr. Kate Hersov, who, during their time working as doctors in paediatrics, realised there was a lack of patient information available for young children.

Medikidz launched in the UK in 2009 with Archbishop Desmond Tutu as their spokesperson.

All their material is written by doctors, peer reviewed by a medical advisory board of internationally renowned professors, and then transformed into dynamic graphic novels by a former graphic novelist from Marvel Comics. Think "Marvel meets Medicine" and you've got the concept!

Medikidz provides a range of hugely successful books explaining conditions like ‘Medikidz Explain Leukaemia’, ‘Medikidz Explain Melanoma’ and ‘Medikidz Explain Brain Tumours’ to name a few. They have already produced over 35 titles in 15 different languages with the ambition to complete 300.

Medikidz is now working alongside more than 50 of the world's leading charities and academic bodies and 60 of the world's top paediatricians to distribute our 1 millionth copy globally this month.

It is the general consensus that these publications are serving to be a fantastic communication tool for paediatricians who are regularly charged with the difficult task of explaining certain conditions and treatment regimes to children. They are also proving to be an invaluable tool in explaining conditions to patients and their families directly.

One of Medikidz's main goals over the next couple of months is to become the world's number one trusted source of medical information for kids. They are therefore keen to obtain the support from the UK's most prestigious Schools, Hospitals, Academic and Charitable Bodies.

What Medikidz are striving to do is create awareness surrounding the publications so that the public know there is a medical information resource dedicated to young children available".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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