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Take a flight with Qantas! They will take you from the UK to the Far East, sounds like a bonzer idea cobber.


"Qantas is Australia's leading national airline. There are 28 flights a week from the UK to the Far East, Australia and New Zealand, with interconnecting flights with our global alliance partners – taking you to virtually every location in the world.

Qantas have daily services to Sydney and Melbourne, with direct connections in the Far East to all seven international gateway cities in Australia and a daily service to New Zealand.

Qantas have a domestic network panning more than 50 Australian domestic cities.

With Qantas flexible fares, Dreamtime and Dreamtime Plus, you are able to travel to Australia and New Zealand and benefit from different stopover options at a greater value for money.

With Qantas New Premium Economy customers can travel in greater comfort".

"After 87 years of continuous flying, Qantas is proud to offer the most non-stop flights between the US and Australia/New Zealand. Qantas recently introduced the highly anticipated A380 which is the largest and most technologically advanced aircraft ever built. It is quieter, cleaner and more powerful than any other large aircraft that's come before. It is the ideal addition to the fleet of the world's most experienced airline.

...excellent fares and frequent specials to Australia and New Zealand. Qantas has frequent daily departures from North America ... with Qantas!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the new link:QantasQantas

Link Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.qantas.com.au/regions/dyn/home/qualifier-region-eu affiliate program was with BUY AT but has now moved to Affiliate Future USA!

Qantas, famous Australian airline. I wondered where their affiliate program would go next. Well now it's known, they're at Affiliate Future USA! Good on them!