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Optimum Size for Hard Disc Drive
Choosing the best value capacity of hard disc drive

When you're buying a hard disc drive, how big a storage capacity should you get? As big as possible, but without it costing too much? It's possible to get the best value for money by consideration of the way the price structure works. Although you may feel tempted to buy the biggest hard disc drive you can get, there is a point at which the latest, Hard Dischighest capacity, latest technology disc drives start to get more expensive per capacity. A way to think about this is to look at the hard disc drive storage devices available and their prices, and to divide the size of the drive by the cost, for each one. There will be one size which is currently the best value for money at this point in history. As time goes on, and drives get even bigger, the optimum size or "break even" point gets bigger, but it generally stays a size or two smaller than the biggest possible drive which is hitting the electronics magazine headlines at the time.

The hard disc drive economy maxim can be thought about in this simple allegory:

Given a choice would you like ten bananas for two dollars or eighteen bananas for four dollars? Which do you think is better value? (Do the calculations to find the answer!)

This page would not be complete without a quick mention of the fact that you can buy a hard disc drive from various places that sell computers. I leave it for you to decide which offers are the best value. I've found that the types of places that are most worth checking for the best value hard disc drives are the sorts of places that sell spares, accessories, etc, places like Dabs and Maplin