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First get some secondhand electrical appliances. One way to do this is to ask at some of the larger electrical retailers. Surprising as it may seem, many of these places throw away perfectly good appliances, having got them as part exchange from customers buying new ones. The manager will generally be glad for you to cart away the old appliances, as it costs money to destroy them! Having got your machines home, put them on test for a while to make sure they are working. Then put an advertisement in your local newspaper. This probably won't cost anything either, as the newspapers often give away free advertising space to increase the attraction to their "articles for sale" section to get people to read the paper! Choose a good price, not too cheap, but reasonable enough to make it interesting. Then in a few days the telephone starts ringing. You'll quickly sell the items and collect quite a respectable amount of money. What's less obvious is the fact that you'll collect the telephone numbers of people who will RESERVE the goods before they come to visit you. A reservation system is required to stop time-wasters, and to be fair in queueing those who are truly interested. It is not unusual to have twenty five people all trying to buy one electric cooker or fridge. But what about the lottery numbers. I'm coming to that. You take each phone number in turn and convert it into a lottery number. One way to do this is to take the last three digits, divide by 20.39, and add 1.

Star quality: The way in which the method makes plenty of money even if you don't win on the lottery. The fact that you are recycling by turning what was "rubbish" into valuable goods. You're also doing everyone a favour; the shop manager, the newspaper, the buyer, so in a way you might think you justifiedly deserve to win something on the lottery.

Drawbacks: The risk of getting over-excited about the income and spending too much of it on lottery tickets!

Cautionary note: Make sure that when you sell any electrical goods that they are sold on a "buyer beware" basis as a private sale and that you do not incur any liability.

Another cautionary note: Don't let everyone in on the secret of making money out of nothing or they'll all want to be in on the act!

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Secondhand electrical appliances are all very well, but if you are looking for NEW electrical appliances, then you might like to see some of the links on the Electric Shops page.