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The idea that you can win on a slot machine by putting a big magnet on it

Surely a tempting idea, and a belief held by many folk. Gambling machines usually win versus the punter, so wouldn't it be good if you could somehow beat the machine?! The Gamblers' dream, to win the jackpot,Magnet especially by some cunning technique which is outside the system, such as getting a BIG MAGNET and putting it near the slot machine so as to confuse the mechanism into paying out the jackpot! Whe-Hey! Free Money!

Well of course you'd have to be discreet about it, or everyone would know the secret that you were winning on the slot machines by using a big magnet. So, one way to disguise this would be to have the huge magnet hidden inside a stuffed lucky black cat. On arriving in a pub or amusement arcade, no-one would suspect, as you heaved the iron core of the lucky life-sized black cat mascot onto the top of the fruit machine. A strange superstitious person you might be, but as the machine paid out its jackpot, it was clearly magic, and it worked, and everyone would know this. It was obviously the power of the lucky black cat!

Witchcraft as a method of winning on fruit machines might be acceptable, and the designers of gambling machines don't worry much about possible magic going on. But cheating by using a big magnet, that's another matter! If you could actually win the jackpot by magnetic means, it would be a matter of some seriousness for the gambling business. However, the key feature is: It doesn't work. Whether it EVER worked is questionable, but one thing's for sure: Modern electronic computerised slot machines can not be confused into paying out the jackpot by the application of a big magnet! The technology doesn't work that way. It would be about as effective as going to some online casinos on this page on the Internet and winning by putting a big magnet next to your computer monitor! Try it with online slots at your peril. You'll probably need to demagnetise your monitor CRT!

Special note: This is not recommended, and if you try it and end up with funny colours on your computer screen because you've magnetised the shadowmask of the tube (CRT), we take no liability for it! It's up to you to degauss it yourself, which is sometimes possible, either by turning the monitor on and off a few times, or by the application of an alternating degaussing magnetic field such as that produced by the back end of a transformer based soldering gun!

Another way to think about this question of using magnets to influence things is to consider the fact that some things can be affected by magnets and some things can't. For example, a magnetic compass is affected by a big magnet nearby, but a GPS Global Positioning System isn't, even though it's an electric machine. Floppy discs can be wiped out by magnets, but CDs have experimentally survived very powerful magnetic fields.

Packs of Cards also don't always go in your favour even with a big magnet under the table.