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Iron and a few other things are attracted to magnets. Magnetism is also mentioned at a few other pages at this site:

The North Magnetic Pole of the Earth is actually a South Pole

Superconducting magnetsMagnet are briefly mentioned at the cryogenics page.

Antigravity mentioned in magnetic terms on a page about dark energy

Gadolinium also sticks to magnets, but mercury does not, despite folklore to the contrary.

"Earth's gravity is like a magnet and is weaker the further away you go" ... Geostationary Orbit

Strong magnets found in Hard Disc Drives

Austenitic steel is mainly iron but it's rustproof and non-magnetic ... Material Science

Magnetron - valve found in microwave ovens

Magnetic Therapy - find out for yourself if it works!

Ace Magnetics - sports jewellery

Used figuratively, eg. "I know OE is a malware magnet, but..." ... Preview Pane and Traffic Magnet and what about Magnetic One ?

Also see at Toxic Drums, Magnetic Morality

All speakers are microphones - they work by coil and magnet, in both directions.

Iron and Steel

Video Tape / Recording of vision and sound on a magnetic tape - VCR

The idea that you can win on a slot machine by putting a big magnet on it