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Metal, known for its strength, affordable too. Practical to build huge structures out of it. Bridges, ships, buildings, heavy engineering. Steel exists in a huge variety of types, often with quite varied properties. In the way in which vastly different breeds of dog are all from the wolf, steels are all created from the combination of iron, percents of other ingredients, and human ingenuity. Stick to Steel! - so it says on a magnet which was issued as a promotion for the Recyclable Steel campaign.

It is intended that there be here a set of international links in the Steel Industry:

Toledo Swords

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Stainless Steel sinks are austinitic and are not magnetic. This is mentioned on the page about scrap heaps, but also it's an interesting phenomenon to do with magnetism. Steel is an alloy of iron and a few other things. Chromium is a prominent element in stainless steel.