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Video Cassette Recorder

Video Tape / Recording of vision and sound on a magnetic tape

As with the hard disc drive, several items have now accumulated to make VCR into a FEATURE at this website!

* Chairside video recorder
Video recorders in the home might be quite GOOD, but not so good they merit you getting on your knees to operate them!

* Picture-Out-Picture videorecorder control
A cheaper and more convenient version of Picture-in-Picture available as a
shareware invention

* Videotapes can be mended
Yes it's true: If your favourite video tape has snapped you can repair it. Instructions are here to see.

* Method for converting tape counter units to time
Tape and Time are reconciled by a mathematical formula, but then the mad scientist goes on to make heretical suggestions about the Big Bang theory.

* Video Shops
Places where you can get videotapes and DVDs to play in your machine.

* Places to buy a Videorecorder
Electrical shops some of which are where video recorders are available to buy.

* Things you might want to hook up to a video recorder: Video Senders and Video Receivers

Sites of interest: Old VCR.tv , http://users.bart.nl/users/pb0aia/cm/studio2.html , www.nationalmediamuseum.org.uk/Collection/Television/VideoRecording.aspx ...

Historical note:

Video recorders were once very expensive and rare, but these days fit on a digital watch, I know. But in the old days it was VHS tape, and before that...

(Please note that the old Peto Scott reel to reel videotape machine with a "Moon Shot" tape has now been sold).

Some of the technological items in the post-vcr era can also be hacked and interesting things done with them. For example a 3D 100Hz TV can be adapted so two people can watch different movies at the same time together

If you're thinking about chucking away a video recorder, don't! These are useful things. They're properly re-recordable (unlike DVD), and don't have any DRM (digital rights mismanagement). It's possible to record 8 hours of video (and audio) onto a tape.