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Science and Technology of COLD

As well as the hopes of bringing people back to life after being frozen by CRYONICS, Cryogenics includes a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications of the cold. Low temperature research and development of techniques allows things to be possible that would be apparently impossible at room temperatures. Rubber turns into a substance like porcelain, liquids become solid, and electricity behaves in ways which are very strange and useful. Superconducting magnets, compounds which have interesting properties, and industrial techniques which are useful for diverse purposes.

Cryonic an Cryogenic resources connected here include:

Liquid Nitrogen - various freezing applications.

Cryonics - death, storage, and recovery.

Cryoplus - industrial cryogenics company - cool solutions to high tooling costs

Cryofab - Cryogenics for Industry, Research, Laboratory, Medical and Homecare

Cryomech - liquid nitrogen making machines, cryorefrigerators, cryostats, etc.

For gloves to cope with cold temperatures, see Sub-Zero Store

Save yourself From Cold - survival issues in winter.

Cryogenic contacts are welcome here on this page, for companies making liquid nitrogen machines, cryorefrigerators, etc... Especially if the companies reply to email requests for information for supply of equipment!

Where to get liquid nitrogen

What temperature does diesel freeze at?

Snow Gear

Ice is bigger than water

Plus, also see Freezer Fun, including such things as how to make a hollow shell ice easter-egg (requires ordinary domestic kitchen equipment).