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Hindsight - the Foresight Saga

Hindsight - the Foresight SagaHindsight - the Foresight Saga by chartered financial planner Terence P O'Halloran is Your window on successful savings and investments and Your guide to The Classic Market™. This could be well worth a read especially if you like to get a good insight into the sorts of things you are investing in.

When you're considering putting your savings into various investments, buying this book is surely a good solid investment in advance.

This is a quality hardback book written with insight into the workings of the financial world, and there are financial facts which are worth knowing if you need to be clued-up about investing money.

As the author himself says "Of the 100,000 people who will read this book only 1000 will act upon it and the other 20 million investors that do not read Hindsight the Foresight Saga will continue to provide that 1000 with a profit, year on year".

If you would like to get a copy, here's the link: Life Publications. Order your copy direct with the publisher, by sending a cheque to Life Publications Ltd, 88 Newland Lincoln LN1 1YA".

"Hindsight - the Foresight Saga" is now enjoying some online success and it's reviewed by business websites and financial sites, and you can get it on Amazon now as well (even though they have spelt the title wrongly)! However, you can Buy the Book at Waterstone's Here. Also see Books by Terence P O'Halloran

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