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There is a book which is available for reading on this site. It's by Zyra and it's about how to choose your lottery numbers!

I know the book-list is not big, but I'd say that the sparsity is currently a temporary embarrassment!

Book list continues with...

If only Politicians Had Brains - Terry O'Halloran holds them to account! Also see Hindsight the Foresight Saga

The Case for Mars - improved methods of travel to the Red Planet

Active Again by Heather Stott - How Heather suffered from lots of unexplained symptoms and found that she had coeliac disease, ME/CFS, leaky gut, 50 food allergies and nutritional deficiencies.

Just Six Numbers by Sir Martin Rees - about the numbers that shape the universe

The World of Null-A by A E Van Vogt

Engines of Creation by K Eric Drexler

The Screwfix Catalogue by Screwfix

Heritage of Indian Tea by Dr D.K. Taknet

Colorful Vern by Jerelyn Savage - was http://www.colorfulvern.com

Belize Telephone Book by BTL Belize Telecom BTL.net

God Wants You Dead - an interesting take on Atheism and Anarchy - is available from VeraVerba and if you type the coupon code "ZyraFriend" in during the checkout process you should receive a substantial discount (offer available for a limited period)

Here are a few Books I have for sale

If you get an Amazon Kindle, you might assume that you have to pay for e-books, but in fact you can get a vast number of free books from Gutenberg