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Book Writing

YOU should write a book!

"but I can't write a book - I'm illitterat iliterate not well-educated"

No problem! You can tell a story, and get a computer to spell check it and get someone to proof-read it etc. Even if you can't read and write*, you can still write a book! (although it helps if you can write your name so you can sign autographed copies if it becomes a best-seller).

"but I can't use a computer"

OK, here's how to use a computer for writing books:

1. Turn on the computer

2. Command the computer to go into wordprocessing

3. WRITE! (The keyboard is laid-out in the same peculiar way that a typewriter is)

4. Don't forget to SAVE (as .txt)

"yes, well I can write, but it's NOT GOOD ENOUGH to publish"

Now what's interesting about that statement is that quite a lot of good writers have said that, and often ignore the fact that a lot of the stuff they see for sale is even by their own admission not as good as they themselves can write.

The important thing to consider when weighing-up whether you are able to write a book is this: If you can speak to a person and tell them something that they are interested in, you CAN write a book! If you can tell an amusing story, or recount experiences you have had that are amazing, or you know things that most people do not, or anything that your audience would like to hear, it is only a small step from speaking to someone with the voice to having your voice come to them from the pages of a book.

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* Yes, it's true: Even if you can't read and write, you can still write a book! Get a tape recorder and tell your story as if you were telling it to a friend. The spoken words can later be typed up by someone else playing the tape back!

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