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2001 January 1st

What a good idea it is to

Write a Diary

Anyone can write a book. And you get better at it as time goes on. It's best to use either Last Year's diary and not use the dates, or to get a blank book, or to write on a computer. Not using the dates? That's to avoid the fixed format of having a constraint on the amount of space. Instead, write your own dates and write as much as you like and then the next day starts just after that.

0000/00/00 00:00

The important thing is to Actually Write rather than just not doing. By recording what happened, what you think about it, how you feel, etc, you become a good friend of yourself.

The diary should be kept secret by default (otherwise it affects the writing style), need not be written prefect perfectly, and YOU decide what you think and what you want to say yourself.

As the style of writing develops, some of the material you write may be interesting to the point where you decide to publish some of it. Another cultural aspect of this is the performing of the reading of writings at parties.

It's fascinating to look back at the history you've recorded yourself. Using a camera to record memories is good, but composing your own text and telling your own story of how things happened gives it a chance in the future to live again.

As well as writing your personal stories in a diary, you can also write your family history. Other useful things include Scrapbooking Alley

YEAR/month/day hh:mm:ss

So, here's the way to do it: Get a book that you can write in (such as last year's out-of-date bargain-reduced-in-price diary), and start writing! Write your own dates, and glue things in where you like, and just carry on writing, recording your own history as it goes on!

There is a Rumour that the hosting company Vivostar has a stash of "last year's diaries", so you might like to ask nicely if you can have one when you're ordering your affordable hosting for your own website! Note that Having your own website is a good idea too!