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The services of a printer are just what you need in business when you want your office stationery printing, and it's a fact that the whole business of PRINT revolutionised the world at the time of Gutenberg. It was like the Internet of its age, having mass-production of printed material. The invention of Print meant that information transmission was widespread. The modern world has build upon that. Books, Newspapers, leaflets, forms, and the less obvious things such as cardboard boxes, are products of the print industry.

Nowadays everyone's familiar with the existence of printing, in widespread media, for reading. What's less obvious is that anyone can call upon the services of a printer, to mass-produce something quite specific. OK, you can buy Xmas cards in the shops, but for a Wedding you need custom-printed invitations, and for many people that's the first time they feel the need to call for print services.

I know I often say "You can write a book!", but some people think that even if they wrote a book, they'd find it difficult to get a Publisher to accept their book and have it printed. This is a depressing situation for authors, and you may find it interesting to know that many of the great authors have at some time been refused repeatedly by publishers. However, you don't need to let this get you down. Instead, it is possible to call Printers (rather than Publishers) and commission a print-run of your book. Printers will print almost anything you ask them to. It's your money, and "Whoever pays the piper calls the tune!".

Whether you want to have a book printed, or to have some business cards, or a print-run of leaflets, you can shop around and see if you can find a printer who can do some printing for you. Here are a few printers...

UPrinting - for over 25 years, U-Printing has been a trusted leader in online printing

Print Place - Print Place specializes in high quality, fast turn, full color printing

123 Print UK - High-quality printing that is both affordable and totally customisable

Ps Print - PsPrint is your integrated marketing and direct mail partner

Speed In Print - Printed on time...Guaranteed

Print Runner - Business cards, color brochures and more

SK Print Design - High quality, low prices, simplicity

Ooprint - various printing services available.

Moo.com - printing that's not for silly moos!

Vista Print - still doing free business cards as far as I know.

Overnight Prints - will they print your business cards overnight?

One of the things you may notice about print services is the pricebreaks. If you wanted a couple of thousand leaflets printed, you may find that you can have ten times as many printed for only a small amount more. This isn't a misprint; it's because in the print business the setting up cost which is a bigger consideration than the cost of the paper and printing ink. So, from an economical perspective, it's often better to go for a larger print run than expected, and then store the remaining stock for a while. If you're a book author, you're not really "out of print" while you've got a few thousand books stacked up in your spare room.

For knowledge about print, there's http://printwiki.org/