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People who compare suppliers of electricity and gas, and then you can switch to whoever's best for you

Energylinx *
Comparison of electricity/gas suppliers

uSwitch *
Comparison of different providers

simply switch *
Comparison of various providers

Energy Helpline *
Comparison of gas/electricity suppliers

Energy Helpline Business *
Comparison of gas/electricity suppliers for companies

UK Power *
Comparison of electricity/gas suppliers

Switch With Which *

eEnergy.co.uk * (awin)

Electricity 4 Business *

EnergyOn.co.uk * (awin)

BizzEnergy * - Businesses need to keep overheads down and they can switch and save up to 35% on their electricity costs in just 5 minutes online at the BizzEnergy site. (awin)

Of course you can also do your own looking around electricity companies and gas companies and do the work yourself, but the places listed on this page can do the work for you and then you can choose.