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Energylinx is the independent web based neutral intermediary set up to ensure domestic UK energy consumers are able to obtain the very best gas and electricity prices available for their home.

So why change your gas and or electricity supplier? Because you may be able to save money, Energylinx say; "Savings as much as £150 per annum can be obtained by selecting a supplier other than your first tier supplier&quot. I personally found a saving of £43, but I am a low user of electricity and I don't have gas.

A gas or electricity supplier is who you pay your bill to, not necessarily the same company that actually generates the electricity or fuel, nor the one that distributes it down cables and pipes. There are more than 70 suppliers in the UK and they all charge different prices, hence the need for an on-line calculator to help you compare.

A great way to help stop climate change is to change to a supplier that sells green energy. The energylinx calculator also allows you to obtain prices from all of the UK’s green energy suppliers and see them rated as per the Friends of the Earth Green Energy League Table.

The service is free and the advice is impartial, click on one of the calculator links below, then fill in the basic information requested and see the comparison between your existing supplier prices and the best of the alternatives.(You can visit as many times as you like, without any obligation, just remember to come back via www.zyra.org.uk when you have made your decision to save money on your fuel bills.)

Energylinx Electricity Calculator: Save money on your electric bill with the Energylinx Electricity Calculator

Energylinx Gas Calculator: Save money on your gas bill with the Energylinx Gas Calculator

Energylinx Dual Fuel Calculator: Save money on your dual fuel energy bill with the Energylinx Dual Fuel Calculator

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