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Farm 2 Market - freshness you can taste!

FARM 2 MARKET - "for fresher fish, you need a pole!"

FARM 2 MARKET: The emphasis here is on freshness of food, and here's what Farm2Market.com say about their products: "FARM 2 MARKET is an innovative purveyor of exotic seafood and Kobe beef. Using a revolutionary system, these items are shipped overnight directly from the aquafarmer or fisherman that produced it. The result is a fresher, healthier and more delicious product than has ever been available. FARM 2 MARKET seafood and Kobe beef is unconditionally guaranteed to be the most delicious you have ever tasted! Join our "A-fish-ionado Club" and get a chance to win a free selection!"

And to affiliates, there is a suggestion that Farm2Market offer premiums for prominent placement on websites site and special discounts for purchases made by the management of participating affiliates. I hope this dedicated page at Zyra.org.uk counts as "prominent placement"!

Farm 2 MarketThe old link was HERE but that was a while ago.

The affiliate program was with PlugInGo who have apparently GONE but you can still type in the URL which is http://www.farm-2-market.com or you could try our new contact for Kobe Beef which is Lucies Farm. For fish there is also Martin's Seafresh but again you'll have to check the delivery-zones. Interestingly, it is the Kobe Beef which has attracted the most attention!