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This affiliate company is in the process of getting their website sorted out (2001/06). They have accepted Zyra's website on the system, and some merchants on this site are now linked to. Everything is being sorted out now at the website of PlugInGo, and we now have a referral link. If you join, you can be putting links into your site and making money too. (And as well as banners there are text links with no cookies, if that's your preference)

Link here to go directly to Ecommerce Network

There appears to be a problem with this. None of the links work anymore, and I have heard people saying the company is no longer in business. They were saying this for a while, but now (2002/12) the PlugInGo website has GONE!

I've tried to contact all the merchants we have linked to via PlugInGo. Some have replied and we have re-established new affiliate programs either with other affiliate marketing companies or by independent affiliate programs. Some have not replied yet, but we'll give them plenty of time, and if there's still no response, replacements will be found! If you are an ex-PlugInGo merchant, please contact me so we can at least arrange something!

If you've anything to say about what happened to PlugInGo, please tell me by e-mail. Also, if you are a merchant with a link or page at this site, please let me know so we can arrange some new affiliate links with you. I have lots of links to affiliate companies at the Affiliate Marketing Companies Page and I'd be interested to hear from you.

Also, if you're a website owner looking at the possibility of adding money-making affiliate links to your site, again I can recommend the Affiliate Marketing Companies Page

Anyway, what IS affiliate marketing? Find out more here

Meanwhile, we're trying to resume affiliate relationships with merchants who we were with at PlugInGo. Some success.

Emperor's Herbologist - independent affiliate program. Success! - several e-mails sent. Still awaiting reply

Benson's Golf - not sure what's happening

2 Get Stuff - not sure what's happening

Farm2Market - e-mail sent. Still awaiting reply

Organic Sprouts in Capsules - reciprocal link arranged

OutSmart - not sure what's happening

A Denim Shop - We're in touch! Contact: Lee Fisher, Fisher Business Adventures, dba A Denim Shop Wholesale, 4636 Jeanne Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23462-2808, (800) 294-8014 (Hours 8-8 Eastern time)

Candles Galore - Company still in business, but website is down. We are in communication

Dirtbag Clothing - Now signed up with Share A Sale

Infinite Links - not sure what's happening

Alibris - no idea what's happening about this

Music Box - We're in touch.

SoulMate - we have agreed a reciprocal link