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Soul Mate

by Ask Alana

Some of this is from Ask Alana, in their own words:

If you are currently in a relationship,
would you be interested in having a deeper,
more loving connection?

If you are single, would you like some help in
learning how to create a wonderful new relationship?

Now you can discover how to avoid common mistakes and create the love you desire. Two helpful audio cassette tapes in a handy vinyl album, plus an e-book (electronic book). If you want to improve your relationships or attract your Soul Mate, we can show you how to fulfil your deepest heart's desires. We've already helped many people create deeper and more meaningful love. The Soul Mate Connections - Volume I audio cassette series and e-book was created to help people just like you learn how to attract love into their lives. You'll enjoy lots of transformational information...

...there's a lot more of this, so to see more about Karmic Soul Mates, transformational information, and possibilities the future may hold for you, see the actual site which can be found by linking on this affiliate link...

The Link Was Here To Go Directly To The Place! was http://www.heartcore.org/soulmate/index.html - this has also gone.

There's no PlugInGo affiliate program anymore with www.askalana.com (bunged up), but we have agreed a Reciprocal Link, but this has also gone.

Update 2005: This may be just a happy coincidence, but there is a place being included called Alana Ecology which might be worth a look!