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Alana Ecology

We should all appreciate the environment and that is what Alana Ecology are about. They supply all sorts of things that will help you to appreciate nature's beauty.

Alana Ecology

"Alana Ecology began life in 1996 in the heart of the Shropshire countryside. 7 years on we have built the business to become one of the leading suppliers of environmental research and monitoring equipment and are actively expanding our range to cover a broader range of outdoor, forestry and surveying equipment. The existing range of over 3000 products appeals to naturalists, scientists, country parks, schools and universities but many products have a wider appeal so we also have many home-based customers.

I frequently get asked why the company is named Alana. The name literally popped into my head one day and for no other reason we became Alana Ecology. It was only some months later that I discovered that Alana was an Irish girl's name with the meaning of ‘the one who loves’. So we are now the company that ‘loves ecology’!

An exciting range of equipment for wildlife watching, outdoor working and recreation.

We supply over 2000 products including binoculars, GPS, night vision, bat detectors, microscopes and weatherstations. For the garden we have many designs of bird feeders nest boxes, bat boxes and books on wildlife gardening. We also supply specialist equipment such as dataloggers, water test meters, and rangefinders along with outdoor essentials such as waterproof notebooks, pens, phone/camera cases and clipboards.

Our website is packed with extra information on choosing and using your equipment. This is backed up by all the support you need and a 12 month guarantee on all our products.

There are many reasons to protect the environment but in this complex world with so many opportunities our niche is to supply you with the equipment you need to do what you love!

Enjoy the site".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Alana Ecology

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